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The Importance of Establishing Legal Guardianship as Part of a Nevada Estate Plan

A Las Vegas estate planning law firm addressing a full range of guardianship and elder law issues

An effective estate plan addresses much more than just the distribution of your property when you die. You also need to identify one or more people you trust to handle personal and property-related issues in the event circumstances render you unable to make your own decisions.

For more than three decades, the attorney at Tyrell Law, PLLC has helped individuals learn how to get legal guardianship established in Las Vegas, Boulder City and throughout the Clark County area. We know the types of guardianship needed to address your estate planning needs and can guide you throughout the process.

The types of Nevada guardianship

A key part of planning for legal guardianship involves taking the time to identify individuals you trust to make important decisions. You may not be able to identify a single individual to handle all issues. However, according to information provided by Clark County Nevada, individuals in Las Vegas, Boulder City and elsewhere in the county have four basic options:

  • Guardian of the person. This type of guardianship identifies someone who can take responsibility for personal, healthcare and other needs of elders who lose the ability to care for themselves. However, it also applies to anyone who loses this capacity, such as if you become incapacitated through injury or illness. If you have minor children, you need to arrange for their care in the event something happens to both parents.
  • Guardian of the estate.  This type of guardianship focuses on the protection and preservation of assets and generally making financial decisions on your behalf. These individuals typically handle issues such as managing all income, closing accounts, selling stock and addressing all filing requirements required by the courts.
  • Person and estate. You can establish guardianship responsibilities for any number of individuals. However, your spouse, a business partner or other individuals close to you may have the skills and trustworthiness to handle all issues.
  • Temporary guardianship. You do not grant this type of legal guardianship on your own. The courts can grant control to others on a temporary basis when a petitioner in Vegas, Boulder City or elsewhere in Nevada provides convincing evidence that you are at risk of financial loss or physical harm.

Seek skilled legal support to set up a Nevada legal guardianship as part of your estate plan

Every person has different needs when arranging guardianships as part of an estate plan. To help ensure you address your goals most efficiently, contact the Las Vegas estate planning attorney at Tyrell Law, PLLC today.

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