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Estate Too Small for Estate Planning?

Is Any Estate Too Small For Estate Planning?

It is a common misconception that some estates are too small to benefit from estate planning.  The truth is, it is not just larger estates that need to be looked after should their owner pass on.  So-called smaller estates can also possess assets and require instructions that are just as crucial to the lives of beneficiaries, and just as important to the owner of the estate.

The complexity of estate planning tends to increase with the size of the estate, but this is not always the case.  While it is true that smaller estates are not subject to some of the tax implications that affect larger ones, complexity involves a great deal more than just taxes.  The specific instructions of the owner, the number and type of beneficiaries, special bequests for such things as a college education, and a number of other factors all contribute to how an estate planner should advise you on preparing for the future.

This is why it is key to obtain an estate planner in Las Vegas, Boulder City, or Henderson that understands how to handle estates both large and small.  Your planner can ensure that the maximum possible assets are preserved for your beneficiaries.

Regardless of its size, it is likely you have worked very hard to obtain and preserve your legacy.  Do not let that legacy go to waste because you think it is not large enough to benefit your loved ones in the event of your passing.  Speak to an estate planner from Tyrell Law, PLLC—we can provide essential advice on what the next step should be for your estate.

We Handle Estates Both Big and Small

No matter the size of your estate, Tyrell Law, PLLC will provide an estate planner in Las Vegas, Henderson, or Boulder City that suits your needs.  With nearly sixty years of combined experience, we have the skills and legal savvy that allows your estate to be handled according to your exact wishes.

Let Us Provide Your Las Vegas, Boulder City, or Henderson Estate Planner

Experience.  Reputation.  Responsiveness.  That is what you can expect to receive when you seek a estate planner at Tyrell Law, PLLC.  We can also offer Henderson and Boulder City estate planning, depending on your needs.  Contact us to discuss your legal concerns today.

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