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Las Vegas, Henderson and Boulder City Probating

Probate is defined as the process that transfers legal title of property from the estate of the person who has died.  Probate can be complicated if you are unfamiliar with Nevada law.  At Tyrell Law, PLLC, our probate attorney has experience with all aspects of probate.  We can also help clients with non-probate transfers involving life insurance, annuities, qualified retirement plans, and trust assets of the deceased.

Probate administration requires achieving the goals and wishes of the deceased person and satisfying the requirements of the state and federal government, as well as probate court.  We work to avoid as many complications as possible.

Taking the Right Steps During Probate

Our probate attorney help you deal with the legal process of probating an estate.  To go through the probate process, you must:

  • Validate the will
  • Take inventory of the deceased’s assets
  • Pay debts, creditor claims, and taxes
  • Determine who is entitled to the remaining assets
  • Distribute the remaining assets to those entitled either by will or intestate succession.

How Long Does It Take to Probate?

The courts determine the hierarchy of heirs if you do not have a will or if no beneficiaries are named.  Probating an estate takes anywhere from four months to a number of years.

Legal complications may arise in the probate process and our lawyer is experienced at probating.  These complications involve assets that do not pass directly to a surviving spouse or other heir.  To avoid problems like this, we help you put together an estate plan so as many assets as possible pass directly to your intended heirs.

There Are Shortcuts in the Probate Process if You Have a Small Estate

The State of Nevada has a procedure allowing inheritors to skip probate altogether when the value of all the assets left behind is less than a certain amount.  Our probate lawyer can help an inheritor prepare an affidavit stating that he or she is entitled to a certain asset. The affidavit must be signed under oath.  This is available if the gross value of property does not exceed $20,000.

Contact Us—You Are Not Alone in This Complex Process

For legal advice and assistance with your estate and probate matters, contact Tyrell Law, PLLC today.  We also represent clients in Boulder City and Henderson.

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