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A guardianship is a court-ordered legal relationship in which a guardian is appointed to oversee and manage the personal, medical, and financial needs of an incapacitated and elderly person. Often, the guardian is a spouse or child of the person who is unable to manage their affairs independently. The court can give the following powers to a guardian:

  • Choosing where the ward lives
  • Making medical decisions
  • Controlling financial and contractual affairs of the ward
  • Making estate planning decisions

Elder law firms in Las Vegas such as Tyrell Law, PLLC can assist clients in guardianship proceedings. Our Las Vegas elder attorney has a long and established reputation for ensuring that the rights of the ward are protected, and that the powers conferred on the guardian are limited to those that meet the level of incapacity for the ward. Help for Those Who Can No Longer Help Themselves

When a senior citizen can no longer manage his or her medical and financial affairs, Las Vegas guardianship law allows for another person, typically a spouse or adult child, to oversee the affairs of the ward so that every action taken is in his or her best interests. The reasons one might have for seeking a guardianship for an elderly person are numerous. Some of the most common causes are that the senior citizen has severe dementia, suffered a stroke, or developed a mental illness, and is therefore thought to be incapable of properly managing the everyday personal and financial affairs the rest of us take for granted.

Obtaining a Guardianship

Obtaining a legal guardianship in Las Vegas involves going to court. Our experienced attorney will assist you in these legal proceedings, making sure that you are fully informed of your rights and responsibilities concerning the ward. Under Las Vegas guardianships, the guardian can determine where the ward lives, how finances and medical decisions are handled, and if applicable, what plans are made for the estate of the ward. We focus our attentive, personalized service on both you and the ward, so that together your rights are heard and upheld.

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