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Contesting a Will

Contesting a Will in Las Vegas

Will Laws

If you are planning to challenge or contest a will based on its validity, you want the knowledgeable Las Vegas probate lawyer of Tyrell Law, PLLC on your side.  We know Nevada, including Henderson, Boulder City, and Las Vegas, will law and can successfully guide you through the process.

Our Las Vegas probate lawyer want you to understand the following:

  • If a no-contest clause exists and is enforced while contesting a will, you can be completely disinherited and your share will be distributed into the residuary estate, unless there are directions in the will regarding what to do with your share.
  • In order to contest a will, you have to be named in the will and feel that you should inherit differently, or were not named and should have or would have received money if the person died without a will.

Determining the Reasons to Contest a Will

The next course of action for our Las Vegas wills lawyer is to help you determine the reason to contest a will.  Such reasons may include any of the following:

  • The deceased was incompetent when he or she made the will
  • The deceased was acting under undue influence when he or she made the will
  • The will was improperly executed under the requirements of state law
  • A valid will exists that was done at another time
  • Fraud was involved

Resolving a Question of Mental Capacity

When someone makes a will in Nevada they must be 18 years of age or older and of sound mind.  This is a rigorous requirement—if a court has to resolve a question of mental capacity, it requires only that the person who made the will:

  • Knew what a will does and that he or she was making one
  • Knew who he or she would normally be expected to provide for, such as a spouse or children
  • Understood what he or she owned
  • Could decide how to distribute his or her property

Skilled Litigators Ready to Represent Your Interests

Our knowledgeable attorney is ready to either initiate or defend litigation to protect your interests in the following legal matters:

  • Will contests
  • Will interpretation disputes
  • Fiduciary compensation

Contact Us

If you are ready to contest a will, contact Tyrell Law, PLLC because we have the depth and breadth of knowledge in Nevada, including Las Vegas, wills law.  We also represent clients in Boulder City and Henderson.

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