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Do I Automatically Lose my Inheritance by Contesting a No-Contest Will?

The Nevada courts recognize that the person who writes a no-contest provision into a will intends beneficiaries to accept the terms as written. However, the courts also understand that some individuals contesting a will in Las Vegas, or anywhere in the state, may do so based on concerns about the validity of the will. The Read More

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Are In-Home Caregivers Safer for My Elderly Loved One than Nursing Homes?

No matter what type of care you choose for your loved one, you need do your homework to select the safest option, and you must remain vigilant during the entire time he or she is receiving care. It may be easier to monitor home health care workers to protect your loved ones from abuse. However, Read More

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Can I Afford to Fight for My Inheritance Rights through Litigation in Las Vegas?

An expected inheritance can be an important part of your plans, affecting everything from being able to afford to buy a house to determining if and when you can retire. You cannot afford to walk away when obviously fraudulent changes to the will leave you without the assets you expect to inherit. However, before you Read More

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Does a Living Will Guarantee that Doctors will Honor my Wishes Concerning End-of-life Decisions?

Most individuals in Las Vegas, and throughout Nevada, need to address a variety of estate planning issues in order to put legal documents in place that will help protect them and their families from unexpected events. Just as wills and trusts protect your assets, living wills protect your health concerns — by ensuring that medical Read More

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Can the Elderly Qualify for Medicaid by Transferring Assets to Their Children?

Medicaid benefits are intended for use by individuals who fall at or near the Federal Poverty Limit (FPL), and require financial assistance to obtain the care they need. At one time, many families successfully flouted the intentions of Medicare by transferring the assets and income of their elderly loved ones, in order to place themselves Read More

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Do I Have Full Rights and Responsibilities While I Reside in a Home Designated as a Life Estate?

The purpose behind life estates is to permit individuals to live in or use property, typically until their death. However, residents on a life estate are co-owners with one or more additional people (also known as remaindermen). While residents typically have full responsibilities for paying property-related bills, they do not have the right to do Read More

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Are Revocable Trusts Difficult to Maintain?

Revocable trusts can provide many benefits by allowing asset owners to retain control over property, even though legal ownership transfers to the trust. However, since you have to precisely identify the assets placed in trust, you need to periodically maintain trusts — to keep them current if you add or remove assets. Whether you live Read More

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Can an Appointed Guardian in Las Vegas Change the Provisions in an Estate Plan?

When the courts appoint a guardian, that person can take control over most aspects in the life of the ward, including the handling of daily finances and decisions regarding where the ward lives. However, guardianships do not grant the power to change the overall plans the ward made earlier in life. This is why it Read More

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Once I Have a Comprehensive Estate Plan, am I Set for Life?

If your life does not change in any way, you may have only a minimal need to alter your overall estate plan. However, life is not stagnant. People come and go, financial holdings vary and healthcare needs change — to name just a few situations. A long-term relationship with an experienced Las Vegas estate planning Read More

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Can a Will Ever Represent a Complete Las Vegas Estate Plan?

If you have any assets, and want to ensure those assets are distributed to specific people when you die, a will — a centrally important tool in the estate planning process — is what you need. A well-designed estate plan contains many other vital components that protect you throughout your life — not just when Read More

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