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What Does My Second Marriage Mean for My Children’s Inheritance?

We hear this question from our estate planning clients quite often. The scenario is usually something like this: A divorced man with two children from a previous marriage marries a divorced woman with one child from a previous marriage. They plan to have children of their own. Each wonders, if I predecease my spouse, what Read More

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How Can I Keep Our Summer Home in the Family?

If like many of our clients, you and your family have enjoyed countless days at a beloved vacation retreat, you may be wondering how to keep that property in the family for generations to come. How you plan to transfer your vacation home will make all the difference in whether your children are able to Read More

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What Is a Holographic Will?

At first glance, the term “holographic will” sounds like something out of Star Trek, but the concept is rather simple and has been around for a long time. It is a self-executed will in which the signature, date and material provisions are written by the hand of the testator. Such wills are valid in Nevada Read More

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Over-Taxed Americans Find Havens in Trust-Friendly Nevada

According to a recent story in Bloomberg Business, Nevada is one of a handful of states to which wealthy Americans, heavily taxed in their home states, are moving significant assets. Delaware and Alaska are also targets for individuals who want to avoid high income taxes. That wealth is coming in from states like New York, Read More

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Are No-Contest Clauses Enforceable in Nevada Wills?

A testator often inserts a clause into a will stating that any beneficiary who contests the will is automatically disinherited. The no-contest clause is meant to discourage frivolous suits by disappointed heirs who feel they didn’t get their fair share. These clauses are valid in Nevada, but they do not create an absolute prohibition. The Read More

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Can I Afford to Fight for My Inheritance Rights through Litigation in Las Vegas?

An expected inheritance can be an important part of your plans, affecting everything from being able to afford to buy a house to determining if and when you can retire. You cannot afford to walk away when obviously fraudulent changes to the will leave you without the assets you expect to inherit. However, before you Read More

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Can an Appointed Guardian in Las Vegas Change the Provisions in an Estate Plan?

When the courts appoint a guardian, that person can take control over most aspects in the life of the ward, including the handling of daily finances and decisions regarding where the ward lives. However, guardianships do not grant the power to change the overall plans the ward made earlier in life. This is why it Read More

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Once I Have a Comprehensive Estate Plan, am I Set for Life?

If your life does not change in any way, you may have only a minimal need to alter your overall estate plan. However, life is not stagnant. People come and go, financial holdings vary and healthcare needs change — to name just a few situations. A long-term relationship with an experienced Las Vegas estate planning Read More

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Can a Will Ever Represent a Complete Las Vegas Estate Plan?

If you have any assets, and want to ensure those assets are distributed to specific people when you die, a will — a centrally important tool in the estate planning process — is what you need. A well-designed estate plan contains many other vital components that protect you throughout your life — not just when Read More

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